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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 15, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EST

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even just to drive in this morning into this sleepy town of connecticut, a brisk, cool morning much like what we saw yesterday, there is no one on the streets. i saw one lone jogger and the rest just journalists trying to gather information for everyone in
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the country that has so many questions about what transpired yesterday. we heard there is going to be a press conference shortly. and we have been waiting on that for two hours. i can see the microphones there just about 50 feet away from me so we'll bring our latest questions from officials. we were able to speak to one woman inside a few moments ago. her name, mary ann jacobs. she is a school library clerk. that is her husband after speaking to journalists. here is mary ann's story. she said yesterday morning when she was in with 18 fourth graders in the library, suddenly noise came over the intercom and she heard these rumblings and so she called the secretary and said did you leave your intercom on? and the secretary said there is a shooting. upon hearing that, mary ann left the library, yelled out into the halls and said we're on lockdown.
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return to the library and took her 18 fourth graders behind some stacks of books. they were trying to hide there because that was part of their plan until they realized they didn't have the coverage they needed and the doors were not locked. upon hearing that and learning that, mary ann and a few other adults in the room moved those 18 fourth graders into a storage closet, locked the door and pushed a file cabinet against it. they were lucky enough that they had cell phone reception in that storage room so they were able to reach the outside. mary ann says helper -- they were also lucky because they had paper and crayons for the children. they were trying to do their best to keep the children calm as they could hear what they knew were gunshots in that school. mary ann doesn't know the time line but thinks they were there for about an hour. then she heard banging on
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the door and didn't want to open it. she received a call that said the police were out there. they removed the file cabinet and asked for a badge to be slid under the door. that's when she opened it and said outside there were 15 state police outside. at that moment she said she knew that the children knew this was different. at that time they went to the firehouse, as we were covering yesterday. that is an area where all the children went. mary ann said she was there for the rest of the afternoon. we're going to play some of her story for other viewers in a little bit. as you can tell, the news conference -- we're awaiting that. but we have new information as well this morning. >> jenna there in newtown. we're learning more about the victims and the gunman, 20-year-old adam lanza. police say he shot and killed his mother at their home right there in newtown before driving to the school and unleashing his raeupbl. this is a 2005 photo of the gunman. it is absolutely
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inexplicable what he has wrought on that tiny community and on the entire nation. we are hoping to learn more from that news conference we have been expecting for the better part of two hours. when that news conference does begin, we'll take you back there live. jenna? >> peter doocy has been live covering the story. we're trying to piece together the facts of what happened yesterday. what have you learned so far? >> we've been waiting for this news conference for more than two hours. the last update we got from the local police here is as of about 7:30, 7:40 this morning is that at that time there were still some bodies that remained inside the school building. some bodies had been removed and had been i.d.'d but some bodies remained in there. at this last update we got, was not on camera but from the local authorities who also told us they have plenty of evidence inside
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and outside and that some of the inside evidence includes weapons in addition to the three that we knew about yesterday. we knew yesterday that he had a glock and another pistol and a rifle that they found in his car. they said there are more firearms inside. they also said there are some vehicles outside, including the suspect's vehicle, that they want to look at. and something else that was brand-new, the last update we got from the authorities was that they now say it appears that to gain access to the school, the gunman shot out the glass next to the front door. we talked to this morning another teacher from another school in the district who's familiar with the security procedures here. she says as soon as school starts, if anybody wants to get in, including a parent, they need to basically appear on a camera that then presents their image to someone in the front office and then someone in the front office needs to buzz the door like in an apartment building to let them in. and then that person needs
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to go immediately to the office. the officers are now saying that it appears the gunman shot his way in. >> it's interesting you mention the timing on this. we're trying to piece together exactly what happened. but we know that the school puts the security procedures in place, locks their doors around 9:30 in the morning. the time line, tell us a little bit about the response time. because it seems like, at least from what we know, that this all happened very quickly. >> it does seem like it happened quickly. something else mary ann jacobs told us is she mentioned she called the secretary and the secretary picked up the phone even though the gunman was apparently in sight of the gun man and said they're shooting. then the teacher, or the library clerk ran out, yelled lock down. and within that time, they locked down most of the classrooms. we also heard from that library clerk that her understanding, even though she was in the back of the school with the fourth graders, her understanding is that the gunman entered
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the front door and skipped the first classroom and went and shot up the second and third classroom in a row and she said when they were at the firehouse, all the teachers lined up by grade and they had all the students lined up behind them from their classes so they could get a head count. and it was at the firehouse shortly after, she said i think around 10:30 or 11:30 in the morning, that they realized when they were doing the head count by class that two entire classes, she says she thinks they were first grade classes, were not there except for a few kids. >> we've heard so many different conflicting reports of it. i know our viewers have heard the kindergarten class. we've heard now from a few people here first grade. but one of the things we're really waiting for is confirmation of the names of the deceased. >> we were told last night, the last update we got was around 8:00 at night. the authorities announced that the medical examiner's office after a full day of police investigation was
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allowed in and they were going to be identifying the bodies of the young victims on site. it's been reported by local out lets here that a temporary morgue was set up somewhere on the school ground and that's where the authorities went and took photographs of the young victims. the authorities would then take those photographs to show the parents. we're told that that was something that was going on throughout the night one at a time. it's tough to -- tough to report. >> i think that's something we've all encountered. peter, thank you so much. john, peter and i were sitting waiting for this press conference to begin. and even among some of our colleagues, our fellow journalists just waiting for the news conference, some of them were exchanging stories in how they were connected to what happened at the elementary school. many of them in tears. it just sort of shows us how close-knit this community is. many have pointed out it's
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not skwrus newtown. there is a series of towns around this area and everyone has to pass through each other's towns to get to where they're going. a very close-knit community and so many affected here. >> i think everybody can perhaps understand how awful it is to have this kind of tragedy, this kind of mayhem suddenly invade their communities when it is absolutely so unexpected. as jenna was saying, the connecticut authorities have been working through the night trying to positively identify the bodies. let's talk about that process with dr. michael baden, forensic pathologist, also a fox news contributor. adults carry i.d. generally -- in fact with the gun man in this case, the fact that he was carrying his brother's i.d. is part of what led to the misidentification. that doesn't happen with children. so what is the process? >> the process now is more instead of taking the family to see the body,
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especially in the school, is take photographs of the face of the child and show them to the family members who are waiting, identify each body by photograph and then they can remove the body to farmington is the main medical examiner's office and do whatever further evaluation is necessary, because they've got to describe and establish each bullet wound. they probably -- they have to take -- not only photographs but also x-rays. that requires machines to see if there are bullets in the bodies. >> does it have to be a parent that makes the identification? could another family member do it? >> it could be any kaoeufrpbd a relative or -- kind of a relative or close friend could do that. it doesn't have to be the parent. sometimes the parents can be spared that by others who know the family well. >> in your experience -- i
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can't imagine having to do that. i've got four kids myself. i can't imagine having to do it. in your experience, do parents want to be involved? >> not children. children are supposed to identify parents. not the reverse. and this is such a large tragedy, and i think part of what's being looked into now is why did adam do this. and it appears to me that there was something with his mother that he killed his mother first and maybe he was jealous that his mother thought more of the kindergarten children that she may have worked with at one time than him, and he goes out and in a crazy way kills all the children. just very unique and very unpredictable. >> it's got to be so frustrating for those parents that for all of this time -- i mean we're going on more than 24 hours now since this mayhem erupted. and for more than 24 hours they have been unable to touch their children. >> and to make funeral
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arrangements and all. that's why it's fortunate that they have a first-rate medical examiner system in connecticut, because they know they've got to get the body to the parents as soon as possible. that's why they worked all night and a's why many of the bodies -- and that's why many of the bodies, if not all, some were transferred after midnight when nobody was around to take pictures and all, went to farmington and they're working 24 hours still to complete whatever they have to do with each body and then they can release the bodies to the family for their funeral arrangements which i assume will start tomorrow. as you can see on your screen there, we are seeing some movement at the site of the news conference. this news conference was scheduled for 8:00 this morning. it's now 10:13 eastern time. more two and a half hours late. there appears to be some movement. perhaps we will get some answers to some of these questions that we've been looking for. dr. baden, they also put out a call for extra help. the corner's office there
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is -- coroner's office is overwhelmed. does there have to be an autopsy for every single child? >> that medical examiner will have to decide. if there is a bullet in the body, they have to do an internal examination to remove the bullet. all bullets have to be recovered. they then would get matched up to whatever weapons are available. if there's one bullet from a weapon that isn't available, that means there's another shooter. even as remote as that might be, that's one of the things that the autopsy will do. but the cause of death is not an issue. the autopsy also will be able to tell how close the weapon was at the time of distinguished chairman, whether it was -- at the at the time of discharge, whether it was distant or up close. the autopsy on the perpetrator will tell a lot, on adam. were there any drugs in his body? had he been getting psycho therapeutic drugs, which there have been some studies that show some of these can make a person
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more aggressive than less aggressive. what does his brain look like? one thing, there's been questions raised about asperger's and autism. they have nothing to do with this kind of aggression. >> the news conference beginning. sho
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it . >> overnight, and in continued to do as we speak.
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again, as far as actual specific questions, i'll take a few but i have to tell you there are certainly things that are cards we're holding close to our chest in this investigation -- so nothing's taken out of context and we have continuity. >> there were reports there were other guns other than what he used. >> that's not accurate. the weaponry that was recovered by our investigators were recovered in close proximity of the deceased. we're investigating the history of every weapon and we'll know every single thing about the weapons. that's all done by the investigator assigned to the task. >> [ inaudible ] >> we're, again, going to allow the medical examiner, wait for the medical examiner to come in
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and provide the identities of the shooter. >> how -- >> [ inaudible ] >> that's a good question. the answer i can give you on that is that our investigators at the crime scene, the school, and secondarily at the secondary crime scene where the female was deceased did produce very good evidence in this investigation that our investigators will be able to use in painting the complete picture as to how and, more importantly, why this occurred. >> can you characterize the evidence? >> we're not going talk about the evidence. it's part and parcel of the investigation and i don't want to take it out of context. [ inaudible ] >> shattered glass near the entrance. >> we have established a point
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of entry. i can tell you it's believed he was not voluntarily let into the school, he forced his way in but that's as far as we can go. >> are there broken windows at the school? >> frankly, that's something, again, if you take it out of context, it sounds suspicious but as the rescue crews arrived, the active shooting teams entered the school, they entered from several different points. it necessitated forcing their way in to gain access and perform the rescue and save as many students as they could and broke many windows. >> what about the other crime scene? >> the secondary crime scene was a crime scene discovered pursuant to the investigation. once we had a tentative identification on the suspect we began doing a great deal of work, peeling back the onion,
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everything we could find out, including and not limited to relatives, friends, coworkers, former students, location of residents and all those areas, people had to be interviewed and areas had to be examed and that caused us to discover the secondary residence with the woman that was decembered. >> [ inaudible ] >> to be determined. the detectives will analyze everything and put a complete picture together of the evidence that they did obtain. we're hopeful that it will paint a complete picture as to how and why that incident occurred. >> at the crime scene, did you find a man or woman? >> i'm sorry? >> are there was one woman who was shot. how is she? >> she's doing fine. she's been treated and she'll be instrumental in this investigation.
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i'm sure you understand. >> is it accurate to say the shooter in this case appeared to break into the school? >> forcibly -- forced his way into the school would be accurate. >> does it appear he used weapons? >> i don't want to be too specific because frankly, i don't know. i've been informed it was forcibly entered and was not loud to enter, if you will. what i would like to do is i'd d like to get the next portion today. i don't want to keep you here all day. i want to get as much information out to you. we would like to get the superintendent with the town leaders to discuss certain areas of her responsibility. then we want to get the medical examiner up here. we'll do that as quickly as we can so we can get the lest of i.d.'s and information to you. for any of you who are new, we
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have put together a written press release. don't rush my vehicle. we should have enough for everyone. if not, we'll bring more next time we come out. it lays out the basic details of everything leading up until today. all right? we'll try -- i don't want to give you a time but we'll try to be back here within the hour. i'll make notification to some of you. >> the mother -- [ inaudible ] >> you have to understand that after the shooting, we did a complete and thorough search of the entire area, the neighborhood with local partners, everything was examined. if we found anyone in the woods cutting wood, they would be detained. there were no other arrests associated with this investigation that occurred. okay? >> can you firm the mother was at the school? >> i would have you address that
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with the superintendent of schools, okay? she can give you that answer. we will be back -- i need to get -- if i don't get here, we'll be here some time. the people we're bringing here to speak to you can answer these questions and take a lot of the mystery out of what we've been dealing with the last 24 hours. we'll be back. >> new information today from connecticut state police, lieutenant paul vance and the promise of more information to come. we'll bring you that as soon as we get it. i want to review a few things we just learned. one of the things we learned this morning or heard about this morning was a correction to what was first reported about how this shooter entered the school.
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initial reports pointed to the fact he might have been buzzed in by the front office. the lieutenant telling us when he entered the school, that was not a voluntary entry. we don't know how he forced his way into the school but it gives us more of a picture of the crime that took place. also we reported in the past that some children saw shattered glass as they were on their way out of the school. initially, again, trying to piece together what happened, some pointed to maybe the fact that the bullets shattered the windows in the school. the lieutenant also telling us a rescue team that showed up on scene tried to get in the best way possible and that may have been responsible for the shattered glass. you saw on fox news the helicopter shot around the school and it looked like investigators were headed into the woods, much like the woods you see behind me. the schhol is in this direction. now we learn investigators went
10:27 am
to great lengths and talked to everybody, even if you were chopping wood. the final thing is there's been a lot said about the weapons, that this 20-year-old had. and the lieutenant being very clear, john, that they're looking into the history of each and every weapon. no answers as of yet, john, about where the weapons came from, who owned them, and how this minor was able to get his hands on them. >> apparently he also said they have developed very good information as to the cause of all of this shooting. he didn't say specifically the motive. he didn't use that word but he did say they have that information. >> you wonder, john, if you can ever explain it. we're going to do our best to give viewers the fact and the lieutenant is as well. but can you ever really explain what happened here? >> that's the open question.
10:28 am
certainly right now is a time for grieving. eleven years ago the nation was comforted at one of the worst times in history in the 9/11 attacks and one of the people who did a great deal to help heel this city and the nation, the former mayor of new york, married rudy giuliani is our guest here with us now. what do you say to the nation at a time like this? >> we say how sorry we are and pray to god the families get the help and assistance and sense of love there is for them all over the country. we saw the president giving that to them. the most important thing for them to know is they're not alone. many people unfortunately have been through this and they're there for them, trying to help them through it. not to try to accomplish too much on the first day or two. the police are doing everything they can do, it's being handled
10:29 am
professionally. on the other side, each family will mourn differently. >> on the crime side of it, the crime is over. we just heard something about possible motive, i guess the police think they know what may have led this young man to snap. but you say that today is really the time for comfort and for heeling. we can worry about all the other, the how's and why's later. >> all the rest we'll be guessing at, having investigated crimes for 43 years. the first three or four days, half the information is wrong. yesterday, you could see for -- the first report, we had the wrong name, the wrong brother. then he was buzzed in, no, he shot his way into the school. a lot of facts change. there probably will be an explanation of it. what there won't be understanding. there explanation that lies in
10:30 am
this man's mental history, just how bad it was. there's probably explanation in anger toward his mother or the school. the problem with that explanation is it's not going to explain why all these children had to be killed any more than there's an explanation for september 11, but it doesn't explain why the poor guy delivering bagels that day was killed. >> in the same way, that was my thought. it was so unfathomable that day that so much hatred could drive a handful of men to hijack in a plane. >> there's a lot to this, john. i was watching fox earlier and heard governor huckabee talk about the -- evil and the fact sometimes we can't confront the fact that there's evil in the world. well, there is. on the other hand there are medical and scientific categories you can put this into.
10:31 am
the final result is we don't understand this well enough. anybody offering simple solutions to something like this is offering no solution. this is not a simple thing, is doesn't have a simple solution. a lot of things have to be looked at as we move through this because we're not good at predicting this kind of behavior. we don't understand it. >> at the same time the whole nation wants to wrap this community in a big hug and just -- >> well, because the whole nation realizes is could happen to them. if it can happen in newtown, connecticut, which is an idyllic community, is can happen anywhere in the country. that doesn't mean it is going to happen. this is not the way most children, god forbid, will be hurt or injured. there are other ways that we have to pay even more attention to, but this is so horrific and arbitrary that it could happen
10:32 am
to any one of us. all of us have this nightmare. >> certainly those parents will be second guessing lofts decisions. >> i can't imagine, being a father, i can't imagine how you -- i couldn't imagine it during september 11 or others times, how you live with this, horrible. >> those answers are yet to come in the days ahead. we're going to continue our confidential with mayor giuliani in just a bit. continuing coverage of the aftermath of the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. just ahead. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to start.
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hi, everybody. thank you for joining us on fox news on our special coverage this saturday of the murders that happened in newtown, connecticut. newtown just 60 miles in new york city, a commuter town in many ways. the big city of manhattan but also a community all its own.
10:37 am
a small community that many of us probably didn't know too much about yesterday until we got the news of this shooting and exactly what happened at sandy hook elementary school. at this point we probably all feel connected to this community, it's something the president talked yesterday, getting emotional while making a statement saying we've endured too many of these incidents over the last few years and every time he learns the news, he reacts not as a president but as a parent. >> i know there's not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old.
10:38 am
they had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. among the fallen were also teachers, men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfill their dreams. so our hearts are broken today for the parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these little children and for the families of the adults who were lost. >> the president emotional yesterday speaking about the shooting. the president's weekly media message released touching on the school massacre. the president says the country has a heart heavy with hurt. republicans canceled their weekly address saying they wanted the president to speak
10:39 am
for the entire nation at this time of mourning. >> we just got a nod of a scent from former normal city mayor rudy giuliani that is the right thing to do. >> the preeident said it perfectly and my heart goes out to him. i remember september 11 right afterward having to do two or three press conferences. the hard thing was not to break down and cry then i found out one of my best friends's wife died. i stood behind somebody so nobody saw me cry. even ones that aren't parents, aunts or uncles, that he understand what it means to have have innocent children mowed down and the completely incomp incomprehensible act. how does someone stand in front the a classroom and kill a 5 or
10:40 am
6-year-old. it's impossible to understand. >> this school apparently had done everything right. you cannot -- >> even if they hadn't. >> they had the doors locked. >> even if they hadn't n a community like that? they did more in a community like that than you would generally do. they've had one violent crime in a year. this isn't a dangerous suburb or urban area, so they had more security than any facts would suggest. the guy shot his way in. you could say should they have an armed police officer? nothing in the past suggest they have a armed police officer. having an armed police officer is dis concerting for the children and who is to say he wouldn't have shot the police officer. he did a pretty good job of shooting the principal.
10:41 am
the kid knew how to shoot, does very good shooting, horrible shooting but good shooting in a short period of time and was a disturbed, smart kid. he had an intellect. that's a dangerous killer. >> he was described a as a game, he. >> this is a dangerous killer when you put all those elements together. >> mayor giuliani, it's good to have you here. >> there's a lot of things that could be done about this. don't just focus on a simplistic solution. it's not solved easily. >> good to have you in. >> thank you. >> we struggle with the right words today. so many of us are trying to put words to the story and tell our viewers what we know.
10:42 am
this is a murder of our most innocent. and it deserves time and are tht today as we learn more about the deadly shooting in newtown, connecticut. we have a look back at yesterday's events. >> evil visit this had community today. >> a call came in to dispatch, police officers and resources from all over the state raced to the area as this they converged on the school. >> the children obviously were shaking, crying in the closet. when they left police made them hold hands and told them to close their eyes. >> they had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own.
10:43 am
>> my gym teacher directed us to stay against the wall and everybody started kind of pain panicking. >> there's no words. >> it doesn't seem real. it doesn't seem like it's possible. >> we all huddled and i kept hearing booming noises. >> all of us moms were networking trying to figure out what was going on. >> the kids were terrified. they had just witnessed something that they were -- they were terrified. >> it's -- it's the most traumatizing thing i've ever been through. >> may god bless the memory of the victims and heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds. >> the u.s. flag flying at half staff across the country.
10:44 am
the president has ordered the flags to be lowered through tuesday. it's one way that so many of us are honoring those who are murdered yesterday. we're going to be back in just a moment with some new information from the scene in newtown, contributing. the answers of why this happened, we can't answer today but we'll be right back with more news here on fox news. the latest from newtown, connecticut, ahead.
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the school tragedy has reverberated throughout the nation, including the nation's capitol where there's outpouring of grief. james rosen is live in d.c. for us. >> good day to you.
10:49 am
we all remember president obama's poised and poignant performance as the consoler in chief during the memorial after the tucson, arizona, massacre. mr. obama found it difficult to keep his emotions in check yesterday. in recording his weekly saturday address, the president was more composed. >> the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of five and ten years old. most of those who died were just young children with their whole lives ahead of them. every parent in america has a heart heavy with hurt. >> flags were lowered to half staff it he white house. attorney general eric holder was
10:50 am
in tulsa honoring the new u.s. attorney installed there. >> i'm a father of three children myself. i can only begin to imagine the pain that the parents in connecticut are feeling today. i want to assure them and the people of this nation we're doing everything we can to investigate this crime and offer assistance. we're sending people to connecticut to deal with the traumatic impact that has had. >> house speaker john boehner issued a call for unity saying, let us all come together in god's grace to pray for the families in that they find comfort and peace. let us give thanks for all those had helped get people to safety and take heart from their example. not words can console the parents of the children murdered or describe the pain and shock
10:51 am
said nancy pelosi. no words can comfort the loved ones of those taken today. all americans share their grief. every sane person is thrust into this quandary. we want to turn to language but words fail us. >> that's certainly the case in this circumstance. james rosen, thank you very much. in a situation that involves so much sadness and horror there's heroism to discuss. we'll talk about one of the people inside the school and helped save children's lives. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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here in newtown, connecticut, we're a five minute or so walk to the school. this is a community ball field, now a media staging area as folks flock to newtown to try to better understand what transpired yesterday. it's a residential area and we see some people walking on the streets, so it's quiet today. one couple we saw walking earlier, a woman and her husband, talked to us about what happened yesterday. her name is mary ann jacobs,
10:56 am
she's a library clerk. she was at the school yesterday when the shooting happened. take a listen. >> i told them when we started, the intercom in the office went off as if they were going to make an announcement, then we heard shuffling. i thought somebody hit the button by mistake. i called and one of the secretaries answered and said there was a shooting. we started hearing the gunshots so i yelled lockdown to the group in our room and ran across the hall and told them to lock down. did you have time to go and tell the other classroom to lock down? >> just the one across the hall from me. some kids were scared but they're scared when we have a drill. the fire alarm goes off and it's scary for little kids. so i don't think until we opened
10:57 am
the door and there was 15 state cops with guns and federal agents escorting the kids out. >> can you tell us what going through your mind in that closet and what the children were saying and -- >> and if you have an idea how long it took. >> we didn't know -- we wouldn't let them in at first. they were pounding on the door saying they were police. she had someone call us and put a badge under the door and we moved the file cabinets and let the kids out. >> mary ann jacob, a librarian at the school. twins. i didn't see them coming.
10:58 am
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